Founded in 2001, Brimtronics, Inc. is an independent stocking distributor of electronic components in Canada serving OEMs and CEMs worldwide.  We are headquartered in Toronto, Canada and also a rep office in Shenzhen, China. Our components stock include semiconductors, passives, and interconnect products. Since its inception back in 2001, Brimtronics has built a solid, robust, strong and high trust worthy reputation for rapid service and business excellence. Brimtronics is rated one of the best independent stocking distributor of electronic component companies year after year for the last decade! At Brimtronics, our commitment to customer satisfaction is demonstrated with every purchase order. Our experienced global purchasing team works around the clock to source even the hardest-to-find components. From supplying the newest in cutting-edge technology to the most obscure board-level components, we knows how to get it done. We strive to provide you with one source who is knowledgeable about the products we sell, and committed to providing our customers excellent support and flexible solutions to meet your needs. We provide unparalleled service regardless of the size of the customer or the size of the order. We pride ourselves in helping customers with their specific requirements. Brimtronics is a Global leader in the electronic component distribution industry and rated the best in various market regions over the world. Our goal is to place the World’s electronic component inventory at the purchasing agents fingertips. The ever changing needs of the market, including long lead times, product obsolescence, failed delivery dates and lack of customer service, have become a daily dilemma for every component buyer. We, as an independent distributor, focus on solving these problems for you. You can expect reliability, fast quotations, immediate delivery, and exceptional prices. Our reputation and seasoned business practice coupled with our sourcing experience makes us the distributor of choice. When you need a part to arrive on your dock “On Time” at an aggressive price with the quality you expect Give Brimtronics a call, we can try to deliver the parts you need. The goal at Brimtronics is to provide you, our customer, with the most positive, prompt, and helpful service in the electronics industry. We value our interactions with you and use them as a means to improve our system to meet your ever-changing needs. We strive to build and strengthen our relationship with you to ensure mutual success. “An ISO9001:2015 certified company”